Twilight At La Push

Anita Wheeler: Twilight At La Push

Anita Wheeler, a member of the Quileute Nation, is a weaver and story-teller. Weaving is her way of honoring her mother and grandmother. Sharing the stories that have been handed down in her family for generations is her way of honoring her grandfather.
Anita has been honored to share her stories through various venues, such as, the Hoh Rainforest Ranger's station, Rialto, Sequim Arts, middle schools, colleges, and Twicon in Dallas, TX.
In addition to weaving and sharing her stories, Anita enjoys some other endevours. She conducts private "Twilight Tours", officiates weddings, makes unique jewelry, designs and graphs art for patchwork blankets, and paints in oil and acrylic mediums.
She is a member of the Far West Art League and the Messy Palette Art League. She has volunteered at the Forks Chamber of Commerce and Food Banks in Forks and Hawaii. For many years, she has crocheted layettes for donation to hospitals.


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